A fun workout idea!

I am the absolute WORST about going to the gym. Growing up dancing, my exercise was non-stop movement at the studio every day after school. It was fun, always changing and to music! It takes an unmeasurable amount of motivation for me to go to the gym and get on the treadmill or elliptical, so once I graduated, I struggled to find a way to stay as active as I was with dance. I have found that I have to be entertained while working out, so finding fun classes or outdoor adventures is the best way for me to not only maximize my workout, but enjoy it!

Today, I took my second ariel yoga class! It is something I have wanted to try, and when my sister was here over Christmas we tried it out together. And today I went with my sisters-in-law who are in town visiting. It is interesting, different and challenging, but SO much fun. They have different levels, so I made sure to start out with the basics and today I did a core class. No doubt, I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

It reminded me of muscles I have forgotten about, and brought back some of my dance moves with a new twist!

My 3rd sister, Janie

But I have to admit, my favorite part is the last 10 minutes spent in your own personal cocoon. Seriously, you pull the fabric past your feet and hands and are suspended horizontally to collect your thoughts and allow your body to rest. It’s the most relaxing 10 minutes of your life!

This was such a great workout and engaged muscles I never would have on a treadmill. I really liked this class and want to go back again!

My sisters-in-law, Melissa and Maddy!

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