How to {Healthfully} Navigate the Holiday Feast

THE HOLIDAYS ARE HEREEEE!!! Did you know the average person gains between 8-10lbs over the holidays? That’s 100lbs over 10 years– yikes!!! It is so easy to put on a few LBs with all the delicious comfort food and big fluffy jackets that cover up so much that you forget what your own body looks like, amiright? However, the holidays don’t HAVE to result in unwanted weight gain. It is so important to be aware and {mentally} prepared going into the holiday season. As a Registered Dietitian I feel it is my duty to share some tips on the subject… so here it goes!! Take a look…

A fun workout idea!

Today, I took my second ariel yoga class! It is something I have wanted to try, and when my sister was here over Christmas we tried it out together. And today I went with my sisters-in-law who are in town visiting. It is interesting, different and challenging, but SO much fun. They have different levels, so I made sure to start out with the basics and today I did a core class. No doubt, I’m going to be sore tomorrow.