Banza Chickpea Rice {served with delicious Lemon Chicken}

I am finally getting around to trying the new Banza Chickpea rice!! I am a RD ambassador for the company and a big fan of their chickpea pasta {check out these recipes here & here!}. Also, I am a LOVER of rice so when they sent me this to try I was pumped!! I debatedContinue reading “Banza Chickpea Rice {served with delicious Lemon Chicken}”

Low-Carb Deconstructed Egg Roll

I am a sucker for some good asian cuisine. However, I am not a fan of the swollen face and fingers that come with it (or at least seem to immediately happen to me). My husband and I have found an Asian take-out restaurant in our new community that has KILLER eggs rolls!! When everContinue reading “Low-Carb Deconstructed Egg Roll”

Blueberry Naan Appetizer

This is going to be my new go-to appetizer. Super easy and relatively quick. I found this recipe from Kitchen Confidante (recipe linked HERE) and my mouth started watering immediately. It is best served warmed/immediately, so I would recommend this recipe if you are hosting! I made it and took it to someone’s house forContinue reading “Blueberry Naan Appetizer”

Chicken Poblano Corn Chowder

Soup season is HERE!!! There is something about the cool crisp breeze and a good bowl of soup… makes me feel warm inside. Another great thing about soup is you can basically throw whatever you have into a pot of soup and make it work. I encourage you to use what you have in theContinue reading “Chicken Poblano Corn Chowder”

Turkey Cashew Stir Fry

Happy Monday!! I made this dish last week and it will definitely be on repeat. I am going to keep this short and sweet because Chapman is about to wake up from her nap and I have been trying to get this recipe posted for dayyyssss. I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to turn out because I was playing around with portioning out the flavoring, but it was delicious!! I did rely on my mom hack and used the frozen cubes of minced garlic, ginger and basil– THEY SAVE SO MUCH TIME!! If you follow me on instagram you know I recently found them at another grocery store other than trader joe’s, so look in the freezer section at your local store. Those little cubes are life changing in the kitchen!! I also tried to be very mindful of the sodium added to this dish. Asian inspired recipes can come with a lot of sodium, which is usually why they are so addicting. But this recipe is seriously delicious without all the excessive salt. Take a look… 

Goat Cheese Berry Crostinis

It was overcast and breezy this weekend, so we did a lot of work around the house! This is our first time owning a house and we are enjoying all the house/yard work on the weekends. I’m sure it will get old fast, but for now we have fun working in the yard together. We got some twinkle lights put up after several attempts that failed! We resorted to 10 foot 4×4 wood polls and concrete. Yup, we got serious about it. And Daniel has been working on building us a table and bench for the back deck and it turned out so beautiful! I am beyond impressed, especially since this was his first time to do anything like this. You can see the top of the table in the picture above… isn’t it gorgeous?! Take a look at this simple recipe for these berry crostinis…

Vegetable Hash

I was craving some veggies today so I made a veggie hash!! It was so simple, especially because I already had some of the vegetables chopped up in the fridge and just threw them in, and I look for any excuse to eat a fried egg now that I’m not pregnant anymore…. runny yolk gives me life! What I love about this dish is it can be good for ANY meal–breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! I had it for lunch and might have it for dinner tonight, too :p. I also am living for Siete Foods new hot sauces (you can find it at Whole Foods and it will be available to order online soon)! They are made with clean ingredients and taste amazing! This dish was super easy and delicious. Take a look…

Mediterranean Turkey Meatball Pasta Salad

It has been a crazy last 4 weeks! You know, becoming a mom and trying to keep a tiny human alive and all 🙂 It has also been a big adjustment trying to figure out how to get in the kitchen to cook when trying to love on and take care of our new bundle of joy. But because cooking is my “me” time, and even though I now have to do it in stages (and over days sometimes), I find a way to make it happen. I’m not cooking as much as I had envisioned, but as long as I create one good meal every few days I think that’s a win! Take a look at this delicious dish…