Banza Chickpea Rice {served with delicious Lemon Chicken}

I am finally getting around to trying the new Banza Chickpea rice!! I am a RD ambassador for the company and a big fan of their chickpea pasta {check out these recipes here & here!}. Also, I am a LOVER of rice so when they sent me this to try I was pumped!! I debated for weeks on how exactly I wanted to use the rice, but then I found this delicious looking Lemon Chicken recipe from Little Spice Jar and knew I wanted to pair the chickpea rice with it! I changed up the chicken recipe a little, like used half-n-half instead of heavy cream {because that is what was in the fridge} and used grass-fed butter, but other than that I followed her recipe {here}, added some steamed broccoli and the Banza rice and it was DELICIOUS. So back to the chickpea rice. It was really good! Great, even! It taste like a mix between rice and orzo, which I love both so that was a win for me! Much like alternative pastas, it can easily be overcooked and is best if you serve it right away!! For this particular dish I added a little butter, about 1 tbsp of half-n-half, and a squeeze of lemon juice after i drained the rice and it was really tasty. Overall this is an awesome alternative when you don’t want all the sometimes unwanted factors that come along with regular rice. Plus, it has a ton of protein and good fiber for a “rice”! I love any foods that taste good and added some extra nutritional benefits. I want to try it next in a stir-fry… I think that would be yummy! The Banza Rice {and pastas} are available at Whole Foods nationwide! <3 Norma

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