The Scoop on Avocados

What’s for dinner? It’s avocado toast with turkey and berries! Simple, easy, delicious and just in time for spring! I do love to cook a big meal, but sometimes you just need quick and easy.

Now avocados get a bad rep because they are high in calories and fat. However, they are pack with good nutrition and can be beneficial (when eaten in moderation)! Avocados have several vitamins and minerals and they are high in monounsaturated fat, which is known as the “good” fat. It helps lower blood cholesterol and can help decrease the risk of heart disease when eaten in replace of saturated and trans fats.

Toast ingredients: whole grain bread (or bread of your choosing),  half an avocado, salt, pepper and lime juice (if desired). Using a fork, I scooped half an avocado into a bowl (I put the other half in the fridge to use for breakfast), seasoned with salt & pepper and added just a little lime juice. Once I toasted the bread, I just spread the avocado mixture over the toast. I grabbed some deli cut turkey and mixed berries out of the fridge and dinner is ready!

Simple dinner packed with health and goodness! Protein, whole grain, fruit, and good fat. Not only is this easy, but it is light and filling too!

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