Simple Christmas Tablescape

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I LOVE, deeply love, everything about Christmas!! We got our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving and every time I walk in the door I turn on Christmas music… not kidding. The smell of the fresh tree, the sound of joyful music and all the pretty decorations, what is not to love?! With our Christmas tree up {flanked with our crafts from Craft Day– see more about that here}, I can’t help but set the table every time I cook {and sometime just to look at} :).  I have Christmas plates that go with my everyday dishware that a LOVE, but my mom recently got these festive reindeer napkin holders from a store in my hometown {shout out to Initially Yours} that I think make a fun holiday table setting!! When I think about setting the table and wanting it to have the “look” that every Instagram account dreams of, it can be a bit overwhelming, so it is nice to be reminded that just one simple addition, like a fun napkin ring, can complete the table!

Happy holiday tablescaping!
<3 Norma

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