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Football season is HEREEEEE!!!! Fall is wonderful for many, many reasons– one being college football. It was interesting when we moved from the south to NYC because northerns {or at least New Yorkers} do not understand the love and spirit behind COLLEGE football. But man the south sticks together in the city, especially on Saturdays in the fall. Each SEC team has a bar that their fans completely take over for the games. The Ainsworth {the Alabama bar} is so packed that they have had to expand to 2 or 3 locations for people to watch the games each weekend. They even serve YellowHammers {the signature drink on a gameday in Tuscaloosa}!! ROLL TIDE!!

We love going and getting to see college friends & catch up while singing Sweet Home Alabama, but I love having people over to our apartment to watch them games too! There is something so fun to me about preparing the table, cooking and spending time with friends {old & new} in our home. Even though we live in NYC where space is limited, I still prefer sharing a gameday spread with our friends around our table and TV!

I’m sure by now you know I love to celebrate even the smallest things– well game day is no different!! Why not bring out the silver trays and make it fun & special?! This season I’m teaming up with Beatriz Ball to share how I put together my game day spread. I literally SWOON over their beautiful pieces, especially their pearl collections {insert heart-eyed emoji}. They are timeless pieces that you can use for any occasion. From a wedding shower, to game day, and you can even use them to dress up your cookouts {like I did here!}. Aren’t they GORGEOUS?!!

dEATS on the table—>
-a veggie board with hummus. I like to have an assortment of vegetables to not only give your guests a healthy option, but to make the table colorful!!

  • My homemade salsa with some tortilla chips.
  • Mexican inspired light chicken salad roll-ups! {I threw this together and it turned out tasty! Let me know if you want to recipe}
  • My homemade chickpea brownies {with pecans} that are so tasty you don’t even realized they are healthier 🙂
  • I also included an ice bucket for people’s beverage of choice. And don’t forget a bottle of champs to celebrate a victory!! {disclaimer: we don’t typically celebrate with champagne when we get the W, but I had a bottle in the fridge so I thought, “why not”}.
  • You could make a communal drink, like a spiked punch or YellowHammers, for everyone to enjoy! We have done this before and its always a hit!

Another great way to host gameday is to have everyone bring a dish– less work and stress on your part and you can have your favorite serve ware {like beatriz ball} out and ready to use when the food arrives. Win win!


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